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The "Big Rig" fired up for 1st round against Leafs

Published April 19, 2024 at 6:32 PM

Boston Bruins latest addition Patrick Maroon is pumped up for the 2024 NHL playoffs against rival Toronto Maple Leafs.

Enter "Big Rig" Patty Maroon, a 3X Stanley cup winner. A towering figure on the ice whose formidable presence has earned him respect and hate across the league. While his name may not always be synonymous with highlight-reel goals or dazzling assists, Maroon's value to his team extends far beyond the scoresheet.

Maroon comments on the upcoming series against Toronto
"It's the best time of the year. A lot of excitement in this room...we're all looking forward to it. It's gonna be a great challenge for us....this is where we all put our work boots on and come together as a group."

Patrick Maroon's "Goon" reputation in the NHL stems from his style of play, which often borders on the line between physicality and aggression. Throughout his career, Maroon has been known for his willingness to engage in physical confrontations, deliver bone-crushing hits, and stand up for his teammates. While these attributes endear him to fans of his own team, they can also make him a target for criticism and disdain from opponents and their supporters.

With a unique blend of size, strength, and tenacity, he embodies the quintessential power forward, capable of dominating the physical aspects of the game while also making crucial contributions in key moments.

Moreover, his track record as a playoff performer has positioned him as a potential catalyst for success, with his past contributions suggesting he could serve as a key asset in the Boston Bruins' quest to reclaim the Stanley Cup, a feat they haven't achieved since 2013.
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The "Big Rig" fired up for 1st round against Leafs

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