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The Bruins need Pastrnak to step up if they want to move on

Published May 3, 2024 at 7:27 PM

The Bruins offense has been struggling the past few games and the main name that has been coming up is David Pastrnak.

The superstar forward had a phenomenal season this year finishing with 110 points but is nowhere to be found in the playoffs.

Bruins head coach Jim Montgomery called Pasta out to in front of the media after game 6 but did add that it is not just him that needs to step up, he added how his entire line has been playing poorly.

«He needs to be the dominant player we're used to,» Montgomery said of the Game 7 ask for Pastrnak. «He's doing it in flurries. He's not doing it as consistently as he did in the regular season. His linemates need to help him, too. We're not as good of an offensive team right now as we were in the regular season. Neither is Toronto.»

The Bruins #88 only has 2 goals and 2 assists through 6 games in the first round and both goals have come on the powerplay.

The Bruins and Pasta need to show up at the top of their game on Saturday night as it will not be an easy task even if they will be playing in front of their home crowd.

Source: the athletic: Bruins' David Pastrnak is doing nothing, and the season is at risk because of it
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The Bruins need Pastrnak to step up if they want to move on

Will Pasta show up for game 7?

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