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The Bruins will face one of these two tough opponents in the 1st round

Published April 1, 2024 at 10:10

The Bruins have an extremely tough last few games of the season ahead of them before the playoffs start on Aprill 22nd.

According to win percentage and where those teams currently sit in the playoff race, the Bruins have the 5th hardest schedule for the remainder of the season. Those teams are the Hurricanes twice, Panthers and Capitals then the only team sitting outside the playoffs for their last game, the Senators.

This stretch includes matchups versus the Predators, Hurricanes (twice), Panthers and Capitals. The only one of Boston's last seven opponents without a chance to make the playoffs is the Ottawa Senators, who play at TD Garden in the regular season finale April 16. - Goss

Following this difficult last 5 games, the Bruins will either be facing one of two great teams, the Leafs or Lightning, in the first round.

Either of these teams will not be a walk in the park to get past being as they are both loaded with super stars. The Bruins will need their top lines to score, their bottom lines to shut down the other team's stars and their goaltenders to be red hot. One thing is for certain, the first round will be great to watch.

Source: NBC Sports Playoff race update: Bruins likely to play Leafs or Lightning in Round 1
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The Bruins will face one of these two tough opponents in the 1st round

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