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Warning made be the NHL following game 2
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Warning made by the NHL ahead of game 3

Published May 10, 2024 at 7:12 PM

As tensions between the Boston Bruins and Florida Panthers has gone way too far in game two, both teams received a warning by the NHL regarding the rest of their series. Game 2 of the Florida Panthers versus Boston Bruins matchup showcased some of the most intense and contentious moments of the season.

Here's footage of some of the brawl that happened during game 2 :

One of the most talked moment of the game was the altercation between David Pastrnak and Matthew Tkachuk. Both players engaged in a trash talked and exchanged punches even when one was down on the ice. Despite the officials attempting to intervene and separate them, the confrontation continued between the two.

While some fans appreciated the intensity on the ice and see it as entertaining, the violent altercation between the two players has pushed the NHL to step in. They issued a warning following the game, the league emphasized that both the Panthers and Bruins would face increased surveillance during the rest of the series.

It's not surprising that hockey fans are expressing that they are unhappy with the decision of the NHL. The second round of the playoffs was about to be an intense battle, and many feel that the NHL intervention is an attempt to bring down the competitiveness of the playoffs.

Tonight, the Florida Panthers and Boston Bruins are getting ready for game three of their series at TD Garden.

Source : Bruins and Panthers warned by NHL following brutal Game 2
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Warning made by the NHL ahead of game 3

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