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Win-now Bruins has the worst prospect rankings in the NHL

Published April 12, 2024 at 8:56

The NHL season is just a few games away from being complete with the Bruins firmly in control of the Atlantic division. The organization is in a Stanley Cup window which has given them the win now mentality. According to ESPN, they have now ranked the Bruins as the worst prospect rich team in the league.

This is quite common for a team that is in the position they are in as the team has pulled from Providence over the past several years along with trading off numerous first round and second round draft picks to acquire talent to help bolster their lineup.

Players like Mason Lohrei and Matthew Poitras are now fixtures on the Bruins lineup Which has helped the Bruins remain competitive.

It's also worth noting that the Bruins do have other players in their system that they have drafted including Brandon Bussi, John Farinacci, Oskar Jellvik and Frederic Brunet to name a few. It's widely expected that these players will be NHLers soon and will be on their roster as well.

Lohrei, who was drafted by the Bruins in the second round of 2020, 58th overall stands at six foot four 209 lbs and plays defense. He has played 41 games this year, scoring four goals with 9 assists and 13 points and is a - 2.

The Bruins have three games remaining in their schedule to which two are vital games as the Bruins holds the Penguins and the capitals playoff hopes in their hands. Their next game will be on the road against the Penguins and will be on Saturday April 13th. Game time will be 8:00 PM eastern.
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Win-now Bruins has the worst prospect rankings in the NHL

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