BREAKING: Bruins Snubbed Of Outdoor Game After Historic Season

Published May 23, 2023 at 5:18 PM

In an unexpected twist, the Boston Bruins, known for their passionate fan base and impressive regular season performance, have been left in the shadows when it comes to next year's outdoor game selection.

Despite boasting some of the highest attendance figures and a remarkable display during the previous historic season, the Bruins find themselves on the sidelines while the NHL unveils its plans for the upcoming outdoor spectacles.

The loyal Bruins fans, renowned for their unwavering support and electric atmosphere, have eagerly awaited the opportunity to witness their team's prowess showcased in an outdoor setting. Unfortunately, their hopes have been dashed as the NHL appears to prioritize factors such as market size over the team's on-ice achievements.

Instead of acknowledging the Bruins' success, the league has opted to bestow outdoor games upon teams in lesser-known markets, leaving Boston fans feeling neglected. To compound matters, certain teams have been fortunate enough to receive consecutive outdoor matchups, further highlighting the perceived unfairness in the selection process.

Though the NHL's decision undoubtedly stings for the Bruins and their dedicated supporters, rest assured that the team will harness this snub as fuel to propel them towards continued success and make a resounding statement on the ice. Bruins fans can find solace in the knowledge that their team's accomplishments have not gone unnoticed, even if they were overshadowed in the outdoor game selection for the upcoming season.
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BREAKING: Bruins Snubbed Of Outdoor Game After Historic Season

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