NHL Taking Action Against A Team After An Illegal Trade

Published October 28, 2023 at 11:50 PM
The National Hockey League is poised to take action in response to what increasingly resembles an improper trade.

This past Saturday, NHL insider Elliotte Friedman brought to light the impending NHL measures directed at the Ottawa Senators regarding their management of the trade involving forward Evgeny Dadonov to the Vegas Golden Knights. The trade from the previous season had been marred by controversy, with the Golden Knights' attempt to send Dadonov to the Anaheim Ducks, and it appears that the Senators may have a share of responsibility in this confusion.

Friedman stated on Hockey Night in Canada,
"When [Vegas] acquired him from the Ottawa Senators, they were advised that Dadonov had not met the deadline for submitting his trade request, thus granting Vegas the authority to take necessary actions."

Dadonov had a list of teams he would not accept a trade to, a condition negotiated in his contract. It seems the Ottawa Senators may not have been entirely forthright regarding whether Dadonov had indeed submitted such a list.

"That was not the case; he had submitted it," Friedman disclosed. "The reason this is pertinent now is that, in the coming days, the NHL is expected to announce some form of penalty for the Senators in this matter."

The NHL's investigation into absolving Vegas from any culpability in this unfortunate situation is likely to shed more light on the sequence of events.

"Anticipate a comprehensive explanation of the events and why Vegas should not be held accountable."

Stay tuned for further updates as this evolving story unfolds.
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NHL Taking Action Against A Team After An Illegal Trade

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