REPORT: Dubas linked to a different team

Published May 21, 2023 at 1:57

The Pittsburgh Penguins are currently in search of a new General Manager (GM) after recently parting ways with Ron Hextall. One potential candidate to keep an eye on is Kyle Dubas, as the Penguins have been granted permission to engage in talks with him.

Speculation has been circulating about Dubas as one of the primary GM options being considered by the Penguins. According to Elliotte Friedman on the 32 Thoughts Podcast, the Penguins are eager to finalize the deal sooner rather than later, ensuring they reach out to Dubas promptly before he settles comfortably back in Toronto.

Friedman officially confirmed the news during Hockey Night In Canada, also discussing it in the latest 32 Thoughts Podcast. However, Dubas seemed to have been out of contention initially. Yet, after a press conference last Monday, Brendan Shanahan, the Leafs President, had a change of plans. Additionally, Dubas requested a higher salary, seeking six to seven million over five years, as well as total control, while the Leafs offered only four million.

Shanahan revealed that upon receiving Dubas' counter-offer, he realized it was time to part ways. Consequently, tensions arose as Shanahan blocked specific transactions Dubas intended to make over multiple seasons and exerted influence over moves that Dubas disagreed with, leading to their strained relationship and ultimately prompting Dubas to seek complete autonomy.

Given the recent developments, it is an opportune time for the Penguins to engage with Kyle Dubas, particularly if they aim to expedite the process. Dubas, a young and skilled GM, has the potential to revitalize a hockey club if provided with control and the freedom to implement his strategies.
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REPORT: Dubas linked to a different team

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