Insights Emerge on Auston Matthews' Impact on the Leafs

Published August 24, 2023 at 10:29 PM

Auston Matthews' recent contract signing with the Toronto Maple Leafs is generating considerable buzz in the sports realm. The team took to Twitter to share the news, disclosing that Matthews will be earning an estimated $13.25 million per year, a groundbreaking sum in NHL history.

Innovative Contract Structure

What's truly catching attention is the inventive arrangement of the deal, spotlighting substantial signing bonuses. The contract's specifics, as outlined by PuckPedia, add a layer of intricacy:

Auston Matthews 4 year $13.25M Cap Hit Deal:

Year 1: $775K Salary, $15.925M Signing Bonus
Year 2: $775K Salary, $14.425M SB
Year 3: $900K Salary, $10.18M SB
Year 4: $900K Salary, $9.12M SB

Includes full No Move Clause

These unique particulars are sparking conversations and potentially carry significant implications for the Maple Leafs in the foreseeable future.

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Insights Emerge on Auston Matthews' Impact on the Leafs

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