Maple Leafs Rumours: Auston Matthew's days numbered?

Published May 21, 2023 at 1:48 PM

Recent developments surrounding Kyle Dubas have stirred up significant buzz, especially after the Leafs decided to part ways with him.

Dubas seemed destined to stay, but Brendan Shanahan had a different agenda. Dubas requested a substantial pay raise and more authority, with the Leafs only offering a fraction of his demands.
Shanahan knew it was time to move on after receiving Dubas' counter-offer.

However, losing Dubas may come with consequences, as the Leafs' core players, including Auston Matthews, could be on the move. Matthews highly praised Dubas, leaving fans wondering if his departure will impact the star player's future.

With the situation unfolding, things look bleak for Toronto, and further repercussions may follow

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Maple Leafs Rumours: Auston Matthew's days numbered?

Will Matthew's leave Toronto?

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