The Leafs are letting down their own fans

Published August 4, 2023 at 5:19 PM

In the ever-evolving landscape of expenses in the sports world, one thing remains consistently costly: attending a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game at Scotiabank Arena.

Unsurprisingly, catching a Maple Leafs game has proven to be the most expensive option among all NHL teams for a family of four. When you take into account parking, merchandise, food, and drinks, it can be quite a financial hit.

According to a study conducted by US Betting Report, they utilized the "Fan Cost Index" to gauge the overall expense of taking a family of four to a game. This index considers ticket prices, two small beers, four small soft drinks, four hot dogs, one hour of parking, two game programs, and two affordable adult-sized hats.

The Maple Leafs topped the chart with an FCI of $631.15 in 2012, and it escalated to $697.75 in 2022, reflecting a percentage change of 11%.

Hot on their heels are two expansion teams, Seattle ($672.89) and Vegas ($649.72), with the New York Rangers ($645.42) and the Chicago Blackhawks ($573.76) rounding out the top 5.

As fervent sports enthusiasts, it's crucial to bear these costs in mind when planning an unforgettable night at the game with the family. The thrill of hockey is undeniable, but it's wise to be prepared for the financial investment that comes along with it.

Source: Hockeyfeed
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The Leafs are letting down their own fans

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