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A player from the NHL comments on referees' involvement in game-fixing

Published December 24, 2023 at 3:33 PM
NHL Referees' Flagrant Bias Revealed in Sabres-Rangers Match

It's widely acknowledged that NHL referees can occasionally make egregious judgments. Nevertheless, during the recent matchup between the Sabres and the Rangers, the referees' unmistakably biased decisions significantly influenced the game's outcome.

Early in the game, Erik Johnson, a seasoned player for the Sabres, expressed dissatisfaction over a missed call, leading to subsequent repercussions later in the match. Following an altercation with Rangers' rookie Willie Cuylle, Johnson received an additional two-minute penalty for instigating. This decision seemed unjust since Cuylle was evidently prepared to engage in the confrontation.

Following the additional penalty, Johnson was furious and directed his frustration towards the referees. Consequently, he was ejected from the game, leading to his teammate Jeff Skinner also receiving a 10-minute penalty.

Further exacerbating the partiality, the Rangers were granted four powerplay chances compared to the Sabres' solitary opportunity. While differences in penalty counts are expected, a gap of three seems incredibly unreasonable in this case.

Following the game, Erik Johnson aired the grievances and openly revealed the referees' biased behavior.

"I don't know if there's a gray area with the instigator or what have you, but that's not an instigator. That's two willing combatants that both accept a fight after what I thought was a hit on my partner, a young player in a vulnerable spot, and he needed to answer the bell for that. I thought it was ridiculous. I'd like to say more, even if I get fined. I really don't care. I thought it was BS." - Erik Johnson

Erik Johnson was still upset when I spoke to him after the OT loss.

According to Johnson, the ref told the Sabres' bench that he was given the instigator penalty because they were complaining too much in the first period.

The game concluded with a 4-3 victory for the Rangers, prompting swift criticism from fans directed at the referees. Whether the NHL will initiate an inquiry remains uncertain, yet biased officiating poses a threat to the game's integrity.

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A player from the NHL comments on referees' involvement in game-fixing

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