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NHL Launches Investigation Into Neglect of Juuso Valimaki's Severe Injury at Emergency Room

Published December 15, 2023 at 4:51 PM

If the expectation is for players to face potential serious injuries during their time on the ice, a well-defined strategy must exist for promptly addressing such incidents. Both the NHL and NHLPA are currently looking into a recent case where a player remained untreated at a hospital for an extended period after being struck by a slap shot to the jaw.

During a game against the Stars earlier this week in Dallas, Juuso Valimaki of the Arizona Coyotes took a 93 mph shot to the face. Subsequently, Valimaki was transported to the hospital. As reported by Daily Faceoff, Valimaki and his spouse spent numerous hours at the hospital without receiving medical attention.

"Sources told Daily Faceoff that Valimaki was dropped off in the emergency room, like any other patient, and left to advocate for his own care with his wife – who happened to be in Dallas at the road game – and a Coyotes team employee. After initial observation, the overworked Dallas hospital staff told Valimaki to find a local hotel and come back in the morning, that their attention was turned toward more critical incoming trauma patients such as gunshot victims." - Daily Faceoff

"It wasn't until five hours later, and only after the NHLPA stepped in to assist, that Valimaki received 55 stitches in his mouth to close the wound, which included a fractured bone and the loss of three teeth." - Daily Faceoff

This situation presents a highly unfavorable image for the NHL. It's challenging to envision such an occurrence taking place in leagues such as the NFL, NBA, or MLB. Both the NHL and NHLPA have verified to Daily Faceoff that they are actively investigating this incident.

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NHL Launches Investigation Into Neglect of Juuso Valimaki's Severe Injury at Emergency Room

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