BREAKING: Boston Bruins Could Be Exploring Trade Options for Key Forward

Austin Sabourin
June 11, 2023  (8:50)

Contemplating the Future: Should the Bruins Part Ways with Bergeron and Marchand?

During a recent episode of the Jones & Mego show, Adam Jones stirred controversy by suggesting that the Boston Bruins should consider "moving on from Patrice Bergeron even if he wants to return." The idea behind this proposition was to infuse new energy into the team and kickstart the transition to the next core. However, the panel on The Skate Podcast adamantly disagrees with Jones's notion.
If Bergeron is willing to return at a reasonable price, they argue, it would be an absolute no-brainer to bring back a player of his caliber. Finding another center of Bergeron's caliber at such a bargain is nearly impossible.
Nonetheless, Jones & Mego brought up a compelling question that warrants further discussion: "What do you do with Brad Marchand if Bergeron departs?"
Opinions among The Skate Pod crew were divided on this matter. Brian expressed openness to the idea of trading Marchand, as he believes that without Bergeron, the Bruins' chances of winning the Stanley Cup next year would diminish significantly. With the team lacking a true number one center, Brian proposed selling high on Marchand to acquire valuable draft picks, prospects, and other assets for the team's future.
On the other hand, Bridgette resisted the notion of parting ways with Marchand. She emphasized the importance of leadership and highlighted Marchand's instrumental role as a respected and influential figure in the locker room, especially when Bergeron was absent during the playoffs. Bridgette emphasized the significance of maintaining the team's culture, which is built on hard work and accountability, and pointed out that Marchand has grown into a leadership role.
The Skate Pod crew also considered the possibility of Marchand stepping into the captaincy role to bridge the team to the next era. While acknowledging the trade value of Marchand's contract, which stands at $6.125 million, they advocated against trading him during this offseason. Instead, they suggested exploring the potential of moving other players such as Taylor Hall or Linus Ullmark. The value of keeping Marchand as the next captain and leader was seen as crucial, especially considering the ongoing development of players like Charlie McAvoy and David Pastrnak, who may not be ready to assume the captaincy just yet.
In conclusion, the question of what to do with Marchand in the absence of Bergeron generated varied opinions among the panel, underscoring the importance of leadership and team culture in shaping the Bruins' future.
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BREAKING: Boston Bruins Could Be Exploring Trade Options for Key Forward

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