Bruins interested in a Calgary forward

Published May 19, 2023 at 9:03

After bidding a long-awaited farewell to Milan Lucic and his weighty contract, the Calgary Flames have opened the door to fresh possibilities. It seems that the seasoned forward has taken his final strides on Calgary ice, leaving fans eager to see where his journey will lead. Currently, two teams are contemplating the enticing prospect of signing Lucic as a free agent - the Boston Bruins and the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The Bruins' interest in Lucic shouldn't catch anyone off guard. Speculation surrounding a potential reunion has been circulating for quite some time, and his esteemed status in the franchise's history only fuels the excitement. With the Bruins facing the challenge of managing several pending unrestricted free agents and limited cap space, a prudent move would be to bring Lucic back as a fourth-line option, incurring a league-minimum cap hit. His addition would infuse the team with a much-needed dose of resilience and invaluable leadership, significantly bolstering their prospects for the upcoming season.

Meanwhile, the Tampa Bay Lightning find themselves in a similar position, with a handful of unrestricted free agents on their radar. It's only logical for them to contemplate the potential addition of Lucic to their bottom-six forward lineup. The allure of contending for the Stanley Cup once again could prove enticing enough to persuade Lucic to consider a move to Tampa Bay, making it an attractive option for both parties involved.

Yet, the future of Lucic remains shrouded in uncertainty. Patience is key as we eagerly await the unveiling of events. It comes as no surprise that other teams will likely enter the fray, expressing keen interest in securing Lucic's services. Only time will unfurl the path that this seasoned forward will ultimately tread.

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Bruins interested in a Calgary forward

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