Jeremy Swayman says he doesn't want this to happen again in recent statement

Published August 9, 2023 at 10:29

In the gradual stretch of summer days, Jeremy Swayman is immersed in intense training in Boston, his determination blazing as he gears up for the forthcoming season.

The budding Bruins goaltender has channeled his energy into a relentless pursuit of advancement, dedicating his offseason to intensive extra workouts.

"I wanted to make sure that I was gonna do everything I could to not have that feeling again in Game 7,"
Swayman ardently articulated.


The imprint of that pivotal instant has unquestionably ignited a fervor within him, propelling him to exert even greater effort during these offseason months.

Swayman's unwavering devotion to his craft radiates clearly, as he's elected to remain within the city, refining his techniques and perfecting his skills.

With a resolute focus on achievement, he's unwaveringly committed to amplifying his contributions to the team's collective endeavors.

Assuredly, Bruins enthusiasts can find solace in the knowledge that Swayman's unyielding ambition and dedication remain steadfast as he relentlessly pursues a season defined by advancement and reclamation.
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Jeremy Swayman says he doesn't want this to happen again in recent statement

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