NHL Goalies Rank the Top One-Timers

Published May 4, 2023 at 7:03 PM

The one-timer stands as hockey's most lethal shot, capable of turning the tide in a game when executed flawlessly - just take a look at the career of Alex Ovechkin for proof.

But Who Has the Best One-Timer?

Ex-goalie Mike McKenna, currently with Daily Faceoff, decided to find out by polling active NHL goaltenders, who together have played over 2,400 games, to determine the top one-timers in the league.

Unsurprisingly, the top-scoring threat for the Bruins, 26-year-old David Pastrnak, topped the list. 'Pasta' wrapped up the 2022-23 season with career-best stats, scoring 61 goals and 52 assists in all 82 games.

Here's what McKenna had to say about Pastrnak's one-timer:

''Pastrnak made every ballot but one. Which shouldn't be surprising considering since the start of the 2019-20 season, ‘Pasta' has scored the fifth-most goals (127) in the NHL.''

''Remember what I said about accuracy earlier? To me, that's Pastrnak. The Bruins forward consistently picks corners. A precision that he's developed from hours of repetition before and after practice.''

''I also think Pastrnak is one of the best at adjusting for the pass. For some players, the puck needs to be directly in their wheelhouse in order to bomb it. That's not Pastrnak. He can rip a shot even when the pass is in his feet or behind him.''

The remainder of the top five included Alexander Ovechkin (of course), Steven Stamkos, Patrik Laine, and newcomer Tage Thompson. Leon Draisaitl, Nikita Kucherov, and Kirill Kaprizov also received honorable mentions.

Check out the full ranking on Daily Faceoff: NHL Goalies Vote on the Top Five One-Timers in Today's League
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NHL Goalies Rank the Top One-Timers

Who has the best one timer in the NHL?

Ovechkin2526.3 %
Pastrnak6568.4 %
Draisaitl33.2 %
Thompson22.1 %
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