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Snoop Dogg Takes a Shot at the NHL

Published May 5, 2023 at 7:43 PM

In case you missed the buzz, Snoop Dogg is the newest celebrity showing interest in buying the Ottawa Senators, and he's not shying away from calling out the NHL.

Speaking His Mind

Ever since word got out about Snoop's intention to acquire the Senators, the renowned rapper has made it clear that he's keen on making a difference in the league.

Snoop has a vision, and he believes he can contribute significantly, particularly in areas that are currently underperforming. That's where his recent jab at Gary Bettman and the NHL comes into play.

Take a look:

"The NHL doesn't know how to market. Like, McDavid is the best athlete in the world, but you talk to most people in the U.S., and they have no clue who the f*** he is.''

Snoop Dogg

Whether it's Ryan Reynolds or Snoop Dogg joining the team of investors for the Senators' franchise, their involvement can only be a boon for the league.

Frankly, it's tough to argue with Snoop's assessment, as Bettman and his colleagues could definitely take a page from other leagues, such as the NFL and NBA, when it comes to marketing prowess.

As read on Bruins Insider - Snoop Dogg Calls Out Gary Bettman and the NHL.
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Snoop Dogg Takes a Shot at the NHL

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