Zdeno Chara Proves His True Class In His Recent Interview

Austin Sabourin
June 5, 2023  (7:09)

Zdeno Chara, a legendary defenseman whose NHL career spanned an impressive 24 seasons, officially retired, leaving behind a remarkable legacy that began in the 90s. Throughout his illustrious tenure, Chara's exceptional skills and enduring popularity set him apart from his peers.

With an astonishing 1,680 NHL games to his name, Chara's longevity is a testament to his remarkable talent and dedication. While he amassed an impressive 680 points during his career, it was his defensive prowess that truly made him stand out. Moreover, his composed demeanor and exceptional leadership in the locker room made him an invaluable presence for his team.
One notable aspect of Chara's approach was his unwavering commitment to treating rookies with respect, influenced by his own experiences as a young player who faced challenges within the hockey community. In an effort to foster a positive team environment, Chara abolished the tradition of rookies performing a solo lap before games, a common ritual in many teams. Instead, he referred to these young players as "first-year players," emphasizing inclusivity and offering support for their growth and development.
"I don't use the word 'rookie' because it just doesn't feel right," explained Chara. "Small gestures can make a significant difference for these young men who are striving to establish themselves in the league. If we can assist them in any way, it's truly beneficial." Chara's belief in treating every individual on the team as equals was unwavering.

According to Chara, maintaining a standard of respect and fairness for everyone is crucial for achieving success both on and off the ice. He firmly believed in avoiding any form of discrimination or bias, ensuring that every player, regardless of their experience or status, was treated with the same level of dignity.
"How can we expect a young player to excel on the ice if we treat them differently off the ice?" questioned Chara. "I adhere to certain values and behaviors, and it's a standard for me that we won't discriminate against anyone."

Chara's actions and principles exemplify his unwavering commitment to cultivating a supportive and cohesive team environment. By showcasing that small acts of kindness can have a profound impact on young players striving to make their mark in the league, Chara leaves behind a legacy of compassion and respect.
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Zdeno Chara Proves His True Class In His Recent Interview

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