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Bruins seem to be outmatched right now against the Panthers

Published May 14, 2024 at 9:26

The Bruins have been having a tough time in the last few game against the Panthers but the trouble seems to be a lot more than the just the referees and cheap shots.

Their skill players are getting out played by Tkachuk, Reinhart and Barkov while the rest of the Panthers lineup is playing a very physical game which the Bruins are having a hard time keeping up with.

If you have been paying attention, Florida has some players on the ice that are dogs. Like him or not, but Matthew Tkachuk plays the game to get under the opponent's skin and can finish offensively. Is he ever going to drop the gloves with Pat Maroon or Trent Frederic? Nope, he'll do it with David Pastrnak knowing he'll have an advantage. - Roche

On top of that, the Panthers are executing in the defensive zone very well which has been giving the Bruins almost no chances to score as they did in game 1.

Boston will need to make some massive changes tonight if they plan on extending the series and not going home.

Source: Causeway crowd: Boston Bruins have bigger issues than the referees against the Florida Panthers
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Bruins seem to be outmatched right now against the Panthers

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