Forward's Departure from Toronto Reportedly Imminent

Published August 24, 2023 at 10:31 PM

Brad Treliving's efforts to secure the signatures of Auston Matthews and William Nylander have extended beyond the expected timeline. These two UFAs remain the final ones to be addressed.

Matthews and Nylander have established themselves as reliable contributors, playing crucial roles in the Maple Leafs' achievements.

The challenge arises from the team's financial constraints combined with the influx of fresh additions during the off-season. The question arises whether Nylander's willingness to agree to a team-friendly deal for the sake of team success is still viable.

Jay Rosehill and Nick Algebra offered their insights:

"My suspicion is that Matthews' contract is likely already settled. It reminds me of the Nathan McKinnon situation last year. While not formally announced on July 1, everyone anticipated his re-signing, especially after Denver's Stanley Cup win. Confirmation came during training camp. Similarly, I anticipate Matthews finalizing his extension at the start of this year's training camp. Concerning Nylander, given his past and his father's stance, he has shown a tendency to negotiate until the last possible moment."

"As of now, there is minimal information on both Nylander and Matthews. When might we expect updates? Perhaps in September? Honestly, it's hard to predict. For these two players, it hinges on the team's strategic approach. Balancing various signings, some possibly overpaid, and others deserving higher compensation is a puzzle. The salary cap is a looming factor. The jigsaw's pieces remain uncertain. Personally, I lean toward the possibility of Nylander leaving, regrettably, as he's a player I'd prefer to retain. His argument for a more substantial paycheck aligns with his value."

Matthews' contract may be inching toward conclusion with a summer transaction, yet Nylander's future on the team remains clouded.

Nylander's pursuit of a larger cap allocation is substantiated by his performance, but the ongoing debate questions whether personal gain supersedes team goals.

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Forward's Departure from Toronto Reportedly Imminent

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