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It's confirmed: We now know where Steven Stamkos will play for the rest of the year

Published January 16, 2024 at 8:05 PM
Last summer, the Tampa Bay Lightning had the chance to extend a contract to their captain Steven Stamkos. However, Julien BriseBois, the GM of the Bolts, chose not to proceed with the extension. This decision came after public expressions of disappointment from Stamkos. BriseBois later explained that the team's priority is to do what is best for the franchise, which meant waiting to evaluate the season's progress. This left Stamkos in a precarious position, essentially playing to earn a contract extension.

Throughout this season, there's been widespread speculation about Stamkos' future. Some have speculated whether he might request a trade, while others have considered whether the Bolts might ask him to relinquish his no-movement clause. Another option is for Stamkos to complete the last year of his contract and become a free agent on July 1st.

As of today, however, the possibility of a trade is no longer on the table. Julien BriseBois, the Bolts GM, addressed the media on Tuesday and firmly stated that he has no plans to trade the team captain and will maintain this stance up to the trade deadline.

"Steven Stamkos is not getting traded so we can put that one to bed. That is not going to change between now and the deadline under any circumstances."

The Lightning are currently in contention for the playoffs, securing the second Wild Card position with half the season left. There has been speculation about what might occur if the Bolts fall out of playoff contention, but GM Julien BriseBois has made it clear that even in such a scenario, he intends to keep Stamkos.

This decision seems unusual for a 33-year-old forward with a history of injuries, despite being the team captain. It's possible that BriseBois is using this as a strategy to elicit a trade request from Stamkos' side, although that seems improbable. In any case, for any teams waiting to see Tampa's move regarding Stamkos at the trade deadline, it now seems they need to look elsewhere, as Stamkos is seemingly not available for trade.

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It's confirmed: We now know where Steven Stamkos will play for the rest of the year

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