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Bruins are in playoff form due to help from Jim Montgomery

Published April 7, 2024 at 8:43 PM

On March 25, the Boston Bruins were coming off back-to-back loses and were struggling for Bruins standards. Due to their poor play, the Bruins head coach Jim Montgomery were having the players do sprints and he was clearly unhappy with their play, and he made it known. What made it worse, the Bruins had a gauntlet of a schedule as they were headed on the road.

Prior to going on the road, the Boston Bruins were tied with the Florida Panthers for 1st place in the division, but the Panthers had the tiebreaker. Since then, the Bruins have gone 5-1-0, defeating the Panthers twice, the Washington Capitals, the Nashville Predators and the Carolina Hurricanes.

They now lead the Florida Panthers in the Atlantic by 5 points and both teams only have four games remaining. Additionally, the Bruins are one point behind the New York Rangers for the most points in the NHL. When the Bruins head coach was asked about the team's recent success, he stated :

"I just think that was a wake-up call that our group needed that day," Montgomery said. "I think why we're 5-1 is because our team's growing and maturing and we have great leaders."

Also, this team has a ton of playoff experience, since this team has so much experience, it is not surprising that they were able to right the ship.

With four games remaining against, the Hurricanes, Penguins, Capitals and Senators, the Bruins will have a chance to not only win their division but be the number 1 seed in the eastern conference, which did not seem conceivable just 13 days ago. The Bruins great play as of late, is coming at the right time as the playoffs are in 2 weeks and the Bruins will have a chance to make up for their 1st round exit last year.

Source: NHL.com
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Bruins are in playoff form due to help from Jim Montgomery

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