NHL Star Embroiled in Significant Legal Dispute

Published August 25, 2023 at 3:12

As the NHL off-season provides players a chance to focus on training and adjust to potential changes, a surprising turn of events has brought Bo Horvat into the spotlight. Horvat, along with his wife, has become involved in a legal matter, finding themselves as defendants in a lawsuit filed in Nassau County's highest court.

Challenging a Landfill Decision

The lawsuit stems from a landfill decision that has sparked controversy. Filed by Eastern LLC, the property owner near Leeds Pond, the lawsuit seeks to reverse a recent decision related to the landfill.

The Village of Plandome Manor is also included as a defendant in the case. Central to the dispute is an area adjacent to the pond, for which approval was granted by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) for use by Horvat and his wife as fill. The DEC's assertion that this action will not negatively impact the pond accompanies this approval.

Ecological Concerns and Legal Proceedings

Critics of the proposed fill raise concerns about potential ecological harm to the pond. The amount of fill required to address the area equates to 350 cubic yards. However, the Village's regulations permit only up to 50 cubic yards of fill without requiring an application.

While the specific purpose for the Horvats' need for fill remains uncertain, court documents have listed Bowie Horvat, who recently made headlines by listing his Vancouver home following a trade from the Canucks to the Islanders. Following a public hearing accompanied by legal representation, the Horvats received the green light to proceed with their plans.

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NHL Star Embroiled in Significant Legal Dispute

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